Soil Fund

Farm Brothers gives .5% for the soil

It’s fun to talk about healthy soil, but how do we actually do it? It seems complicated, but farmers are building healthy soil all over the world. By donating .5% of our turnover (before profits!) to farmers transitioning from conventional to regenerative, organic farming, we really putting our money in the ground! We donate to Stichting Groundbeheer, a steward of biodynamic farmland, and their farmers make this all possible. Want to help? Get some Farm Brothers cookies and visit their campaign pages below to make a contribution!
Supporting farmers

Farmers all over the world are making healthy soil. We support farmers in the Netherlands, and work with farmers all over the world to learn about healthy soil. Here are some of their stories!

Together we can build healthy soil

There are people all over the world sharing the good stuff, and we don’t just mean cookies. These are our partners in the movement for soil health, have a look around!

More partners
What you can do?

Want to be part of the Farm Brothers family and get involved with the Soil Fund? Send us a message and we’ll let you know how you can make a difference!

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